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Guitar & Bass Lessons Ooltewah, TN

  • Learning to Play music should be fun!  

  • Students learn faster when they play music they like! 

  • Playing the music you love promotes quick results, which is key to achieving reachable goals.

  • Playing in public venues, town squares, and parties builds confidence and inspires and motivates students to master their skills.

  • Jamming with your peers in a band playing the music you love is a Mustas it builds social skills and team work.

Student to Stage provides a unique and highly personalized method of learning, creating an environment to nurture, educate and encourage creative individuals to achieve the highest level of success. 

Why is playing or jamming with other musicians important?  To use a sports analogy, what if you wanted to play baseball? You must practice batting, fielding, etc.  What if that's all you ever did?  You never got to play in a game.  What about basketball?  Practicing shooting foul shots is very important but if that's all you ever did you would quit.  It's all about "Playing the Game" in this case, playing with others in a band. That's where students learn teamwork and perfect their musical abilities.  For Guitar Lessons in Ooltewah, call 423-650-0160 for more information.

When to expose your child to music? 


Music impacts positively on brain development in a way that is embedded for life, creating increased verbal memory, enhanced language and verbal abilities, along with greater literacy skills. These are all key benefits a child will take with them into adulthood, when they are exposed to music education from an early age.

Part of the reason that these positive effects can occur, is because learning to play an instrument activates the auditory and motor regions of the brain, as well as well as the region of the brain used for self-appraisal and emotional regulation.

Guitar Lessons Chattanooga & Ooltewah, TN