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Adult Guitar Lessons

Are you an adult and have always wanted to learn to play guitar? Well, it's not too late!  Let's say you are 55 years old.  In one year at age 56, you could be enjoying yourself playing music for your family or jamming with friends.  Or not.  Either way, you will be 56!  Make the decision today to learn to play.  You might know basic chords like D, C & G.  Maybe even A minor and others but want to move forward with finger picking, lead guitar, or more complex jazz chords.  If you think you are too old, look at The Rolling Stones!  Call me today at 423-650-0160 and lets talk through your goals and get you started.  The adventure never ends.

How long are lessons?

Usually with adults, I spend one hour a week or perhaps 1 hour every two weeks according to your budget. Young kids under 10 do better with 30 minutes every week.

Guitar Lessons Chattanooga & Ooltewah, TN