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About Me....

I began playing the trumpet and guitar at age 9.  I was fortunate that my parents placed me in private guitar lessons early and even more fortunate to meet other friends in school that played different instruments.  My 7th grade band teacher created the "Lab Band" where he took some of the band members and worked with them as a band, to play popular tunes at that time. I played the electric guitar and worked with other friends that played keyboard, drums and bass.  Our first gig was our friends barmitzvah ceremony in which we earned $200!  That was a lot of money then but having fun and making new friends was worth much more than the money we received.  We were all "band geeks" until we entered the school talent show as a band and played in front of the entire school, 500 students.  We played Slow Ride by Foghat and that changed our lives for the future. We later played school dances, more parties and as we aged, some of us played professionally and are still playing professionally around the country. Others chose different careers but still play and enjoy music to this day!


In college, I decided to major in Jazz Improvisation on guitar as I was always amazed at what jazz players were doing.  I just couldn't figure it out like I could Rock & Roll. I learned quickly that I was not as good as I thought I was and embarked on a journey to learn the notes on the fret board, learn scales and patterns based on scales and then over 100 Jazz Chords that opened up so many new sounds while playing gigs. These new sounds would later mix with my rock & roll techniques.  Many call this style "Jazz Fusion" as it is a blend of Jazz & Rock.   


I raised 5 kids, all musicians.  2 of them playing and recording professionally and have made a name for themselves.   During that period of raising kids, I played only in churches and a few outside gigs and poured my knowledge into my own children.   I started a small recording studio in our basement and worked with "my then" 13 year old son and 15 year old daughter.  Technology has come a long way since then, therefore I would like to teach others how to record their own music as it helps them learn new skills and perfect what they are learning to play. 


A dream of mine has always been to find people with incredible talent and help them achieve their dreams.  There are so many great musicians out their that you have probably heard in church, coffee shops, etc that will never be known because it takes special marketing, and recording skills to get your music out there.  Fortunately, you can actually record multiple tracks on your phone these days.  If you have an iPad or a laptop, you can get free or inexpensive software to start learning how to record multiple tracks. Put your music on iTunes or SoundCloud and other services where your music will be heard. Not everyone will become a professional, but you can have fun while learning new marketable computer skills. After relocating from Destin, FL, I decided to teach guitar & bass Lessons in Chattanooga and Ooltewah, TN and help others find enjoyment like I did through playing in bands.


A while ago....

Spring Music Festival in Destin, FL 2018

Guitar Lessons Chattanooga & Ooltewah, TN