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Guitar Lessons

Playing the guitar at any age is a great way to start as you can take it anywhere and enjoy music! My goal is always to get students playing basic chords and songs as quickly as possible as they will be much more motivated to learn if they can play and sing songs they here on Pandora, Apple Music, or wherever they like. Many students move on to learn "the fret board" and music theory that will advance them much further in their musical journey.  

Introduction Package

Includes four thirty minute Lessons. Makes a great gift to help someone embark on their life-long musical journey!     

Only $95

10 Week New Student Package

This 10 Week Course will guide students through basic chording, learning the fret board, and reading charts. Ten 30 Minutes Lessons and Lesson Materials are included.

Only $195

Jazz Guitar

Ever want to play those mystery chords like Augmented, Diminished, #9, +5  & #13 anywhere on the fretboard without finding them in a huge chord book?  This Course is for you.  Includes Six One Hour Lessons

Only $145

Guitar Lessons Chattanooga & Ooltewah, TN